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Welcome to the EPPP Study Materials and Practice Test Exchange!

The EPPP Study Guide Exchange

The EPPP study guide exchange was once a classified site where people could exchange used study guides and share other testing resources they may have developed. There are still lots of other resources here on the site but many people have found eBay to be a good tool for selling their used study guides (or simply passing them along to friends/colleagues they know who will themselves pass them along to someone else). Theres also a discussion forum here and links to other discussion sites where people often advertised their used study guides at a much lower price than buying retail (and a slightly dated set of study materials probably isn't dramatically inferior to the newest and best). Some people often get together and trade practice tests from the different test prep providers after they've used them. Feel free to discuss such matters in the discussion forum. Though of course no one is advocating violating copyright protections. If you own the physical practice test you can trade that for someone else's- I'm not saying make a photocopy/ fax/ PDF (at least don't arrange it on a public message board- use e-mail ;)

There are study guides available from places like AATBS (Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioral Sciences), psych prep and Academic Review as well as other EPPP (Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology) resources. This site is a work in progress, more interactivity coming soon! Whatever brought you to this site, whether you are looking for EPPP Flashcards or a study method to pass or beat the EPPP or your oral exams, perhaps you're looking for great EPPP study guides to help you prepare for the exam. I hope this site can help and I wish you Good luck. If you already passed the test and you are looking to pass on your study test prep materials to others, Congratulations I hope this site can help you, too. While I am currently exploring various wiki, message boards and other structures for this site, I recommend eBay as the exchange medium of choice and to find the best deals (you can view live current auctions directly from this site below).

About the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP)

About the (EPPP)Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology

If you are interested in Academic Review, AATBS, EPPP Flashcard sites, the Taylor Study Method, EPPP Coaches, Apps and Workshops or are interested in discovering other EPPP study materials you've come to the right place. If you have created something useful like a table, graph, flashcards, etc. that doesn't violate copyrights and you'd like others to be able to benefit from it we'd be happy to post it for you in electronic format with credit to you. If you're a company with free materials for others to benefit from (even if you wan't to provide them in the hopes that they'll like it and want to buy more), we'd also be happy to provide the free materials here and get the word out to people who I'm sure would love to have them. We are also willing to post dicount codes and other sales promotions that benefit future psychologists studying for the EPPP.

I think if you're not just going to pass your study guides on to a friend or colleague then the best strategy to maximize the amount you get back and to minimize your annoyance after they've sold is to list it nationally on a site such as eBay (the most exposure) and then mention that you did on the forum here and perhaps an EPPP mailing list or two (people do it and its a service, frankly compared to retail). Anyway, you won't really have to deal with the various Johnny-come-latelys asking if you still have the materials for sale and you won't have to haggle. Just put a link to your eBay auction up. Assuming you use the term EPPP your eBay auction will automatically be advertised on this site as well (check out all the current EPPP auctions linked to from here). If you're still studying for the test and haven't gotten your materials or are wondering what the test questions or materials are like from some of the other companies, why not check back once in a while to see what used stuff is being offered on eBay at a discount from what it sold new.

eBay is currently the recommended exchange medium for used EPPP Study Guides site.

View current, live eBay auctions for EPPP materials right here on this site:

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Here is a list of contact information for Psychology Licensing Boards kept by ASPPB: Psychology State Board List and did you know that you can get 250 "retired" EPPP questions from ASPPB and take a practice exam on the computer (for a relatively reasonable price).


Just some of the EPPP E-Mail Mailing Lists at, membership #s as of 2/21/08

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There are also a number of other more localized and smaller EPPP related groups.

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